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Richland prefabs & alphabet houses have a unique history!

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We buy Richland prefabs and alphabet houses! One of the great things about real estate in the city of Richland is its rich history which includes both Richland prefabs and alphabet houses. Here is a list of the alphabet and prefab house plans. These houses were built during Hanford’s historic build up and massive population growth during world war II. Each of the alphabet house designs were given a letter of the alphabet

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Why Sell a House to Cash Buyers?

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Making the decision to sell your home is one of the major decisions you will probably make in your lifetime.

Process of Selling My House to Cash Buyers

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From the traditional hiring of a realtor and sitting months on market to listing a for sale by owner and selling your own house, homeowners make the best personal decision with the most knowledge they have.

7 Tips for Selling Your House for Cash to a House Buying Company

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From determining a home’s asking price to becoming familiar with the legal documents involved, selling a home typically requires specialized knowledge.

We buy houses Kennewick: see how we do it here!

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Cary:                                 Hey, it’s Cary with Tri-Tri-Cities House Buyer. We’re out here in Kennewick, Washington at a house we purchased last week from Roxy. She needed to sell her house fast, and her house needed a few repairs that she just didn’t wanna make.                                   So, Roxy, what did you appreciate with … about working with Tri-Cities House Buyer?   Roxy:                     It was really a smooth process. You

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What are the Benefits of Selling a House for Cash?

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Selling your house shouldn’t be stressful. There are options. There are benefits of selling a house for cash that most homeowners don’t consider.

For Sale By Owner Pros and Cons

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While selling a house as the owner has enormous benefits, including selling for cash offer, it also comes with unappealing pitfalls for those inexperienced with the process.

How to Sell a House That Needs Repairs Without Fixing It

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Some feel that they will be able to sell for a higher price. That way they will get their money back from the repairs. Others just cannot fathom being able to sell an ugly house.

Listing with a Real Estate Agent vs Selling Your House for Cash

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Selling your house can be a difficult process because there are so many options. Should you go with listing with a real estate agent, selling to a cash buyer, or selling it on your own?