How to Sell an Inherited house in Richland, WA

Posted on: August 7th, 2018 by , No Comments

Hey it’s Cary with Tri-Cities House Buyer. We buy houses all over the Tri-Cities, including this one right here in Richland, Washington. We’re A rated by the Better Business Bureau. We use our own cash, so we can close quickly. We don’t need any banks, we don’t do any … hire an inspection company to do an inspection.

This house right here in Richland is one we just purchased, and I wanted to show it to you to give you an idea of the condition of houses that we buy. We don’t care how damaged the house is or how rough it is or how much stuff is in it. We’ll make you a fair, no-obligation cash offer on any house in the Tri-Cities area. So this house is in Richland, you can see behind me it’s completely packed with stuff. We just purchased this house. The family that we bought it from inherited this house, and when they inherited it, they had a decision to make. They could either hire a moving company to clean everything out of the house … it’s got a full basement, it’s about 2300 square feet, full of stuff. Then they would have had to hire a general contractor to remodel the house, and then they could have hired a realtor to put the house on the market, and then hope that they got their asking price.

Their alternative was to give Tri-Cities House Buyer a call, which they did. And we came out, I walked through the house. I made the family a cash offer on the spot. We agreed on a price, and we bought the house as is. We let them leave all the stuff in here, and we’re going to donate as much as possible to the Goodwill. But it really made it convenient for the family that inherited it, and they decided that dealing with us was their best option.

So, if you’ve got a house in Richland, Washington, we’d love to meet with you. We can make you a no-obligation cash offer. Like I said earlier, we’re A rated by the Better Business Bureau. So give us a call at 509-542-7917, or you can always visit us at Thanks.